The new year is coming and all are busy fulfilling the consignment orders. Cargo safety is one of the most important tasks to ensure in every business order and getting a range of best-quality cargo control accessories is a mammoth task. 

Cargoxcel is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of a wide range of cargo control accessories. One of the high-demand products is the tie-down ratchet strap. These are highly helpful when transporting cargo in a vehicle and the ratchet attached to the straps allows you to make sure the straps are tightly attached to the cargo and the items are tied down securely to a roof rack, truck bed, or elsewhere. Tie-down ratchet straps are made of premium quality yellow polyester webbing which is highly durable, strong, and all-weather resistant. 

Tie-down ratchet straps are made of premium quality yellow polyester webbing which is highly durable, strong and all-weather resistant. These ratchet straps hold the cargo perfectly and keep it well-positioned. The strap has a low stretch rate and does not loosen up with time. The ratchet strap can be adjusted according to different webbing lengths as per the need.  

Cargoxcel offers different sizes and types of tie-down straps that have specific break strengths and working load limits. As a business or an individual, you need to be aware of the cargo load limits and weight limits of your vehicle also as an overloaded truck or car is also harder to control, making your cargo susceptible to damage. 

Cargo transportation becomes easy with the use of heavy-duty ratchet tie-down straps as these protect the cargo from slipping and keep it fixed at the desired position during transportation.  

There are types of ratchet mechanism tie-down straps available at Cargoxcel:


Tie-down ratchet straps can be damaged by moisture and ultraviolet light can weaken them over time. Knowing how to use a ratchet strap and when to replace it makes it easier to secure the cargo. Using tie-down straps correctly helps you transport cargo safely and timely.